Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Funny Bone (Marrow?)

Just a quick post right now.  Here in the hospital, each patient can list three things they want the staff to pay special attention to in order to ensure personalized care.  My top three things right now are:
1.  Joke of the Day -- I ask the nurse to tell me a joke every day; 2.  Ask me how often I have walked; and 3.  Ask about my nausea.  

I have found that even though the nurses are both professional and very friendly, they have a hard time with the Joke of the day.  Maybe it is working on a cancer unit and the seriousness of what they deal with, as well as how busy they are, but many struggle to come up with a good joke.  They seem to enjoy being asked to come up with one, though!

The benefits of humor have been demonstrated with regard to health, so I keep that up on my list -- I know I benefit from even raising it with them every day.

Today, we have nurses in training shadowing the experts, so when I asked John, my nurse, for a joke, the trainee (Ben) chimed in:  What do you call a cow with no legs?  ......

Ground beef.  

I asked them if they heard about the terrible accident a college professor was involved in on his way to a conference when his car went off the road.  They hadn't.  It turned out he was grading on a curve.

That's the latest!


  1. have you heard the joke about the three doctors who go on a hunting trip to Alaska every year?

  2. Am enjoying your informative (and, yes, fun even!) blog. It almost inspires me to write one of my own. Keep on truckin'!