Sunday, July 5, 2015

The milestone

Yesterday, Saturday marked day 98 from my leaving the hospital after my transplant, if I am counting correctly!  When we were at the hospital, they told us we would have a last meeting marking day 100, or the milestone for when they no longer would have any input on our case and it would all be back to  our oncologist.

We got a phone call from Dr. Wallentine's (the hematologist/oncologist) office saying that the hospital had called, and we needed to get all the lab work done so they can review it.  So this means going through the list of things again including lots of blood work and labs, a 24-hour urine sample, and my favorite -- the bone marrow biopsy (love that procedure).  Some of the labs take time, as does the biopsy because the pathologist has to do it to count the number of cancer cells.  So this week will probably be fairly busy taking care of this type of stuff.  Then LDS Hospital will review all of it and make some recommendations to Dr. Wallentine.  Apparently, they are saying that we don't need to drive up there for a meeting which seems both good and bad.

Good because that is a long drive with traffic and wipes out much of a day.  Bad because we won't have as much of a chance to say good-bye and to hear their recommendations directly.  Patricia and I are talking about whether we want to request a final meeting.

People are telling me I am looking good, that my color is better, etc.  I am thankful for that and grateful that I am able to get out and ride my bike and pull a few weeds (with gloves and a mask on). I'm accelerating work on my fall courses and my book, and working part-time at home and at school. So things are better than they have been for months.

But as I told someone yesterday, "Cancer has a way of making one cautious."  Yes, I really do hope that I am doing better.  I am looking forward to continued months of no chemotherapy as we monitor the cancer and make sure it is quiet.  At the same time, part of my brain is hiding in the dark closet shouting "Be careful! Things are dangerous out there!"  Maybe this is part of the shock of diagnosis still lingering, I don't know.

What I do know is that life is precious.  Family is precious.  We are given wonderful blessings in this world to serve others, to know love and joy, to learn, and to face our fears; we have the chance to come to know God in his mercy and kindness during the worst moments we face....and He is there.  And so are all of you -- thank you again for your ongoing support and kindnesses.

Let's see what the week brings.