Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home Sweet Home, Redux

It is official -- I am home.  WAHOO!

We left the hospital around 2 pm yesterday, stopped for some Hatch's chocolates (you gotta have priorities, right?), and headed home.  I will say this first:  every piece of furniture in the house is more comfortable than any furniture in my hospital room!  :)

Patricia has been wonderful in helping me pack and get home.  I did leave a little bit of shampoo and body wash, but otherwise, everything made it back.

I am able to go outside and walk, although I must wear a mask if it gets breezy or dirt is blowing.  I'm still on a low microbial diet so I have to be careful what I eat.  No large dinner parties just yet, and they strongly recommend against being around groups of people at all right now.  Later on, they said I could go out into areas with groups with a mask (yuck but may work out).  So I'll miss church for several weeks yet and no substitute teaching @ UVU.   :)  No visitors for the first few weeks, if you would, but I'll be able to start seeing a few visitors maybe in a few weeks if you're healthy.  We'll have a vat of bleach for you to dump on your head when you come in........

My energy level is about the level of a Snow White dwarf's work environment, but it will get better!

Thank you all for your support and help.

Here's the joke of the day from Larry Hill:

A policeman radios into Headquarters.
"Sarge, is that you?"
"Yes, go ahead."
"We've got a bad case here.  A woman shot her husband when he stepped onto the floor she had just mopped."
"So you've arrested the woman?"
"No, Sarge, the floor is still wet."

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