Friday, March 27, 2015

Stop -- in the name of love!

Oh yeah, that dates me doesn't it (the title of this post).

This may be fairly short; of course, I'm know for being verbose, so we'll see.

Good news today:  Platelet count was up to 26 on its own -- no more transfusions since the last time I mentioned it which was a while back.  No fevers for 3 days -- HOORAY!  Red blood count slight increase from 24.3 to 24.9.  I could really use more of those suckers to help bring me oxygen and energy.  Last, the neutrophils -- this is what everyone is counting.  They will not release me from the hospital until my neutrophil count is 500.  These are the cells we use to fight infections.  Days ago, they were at 0 -- then up to 100; for the past three days, they jumped up to 300......and stayed there.  Come on, guys!  Rally to the flag.  Today, they were 400.  Getting close!

Dr. Mitchell thought a one-time additional dose of neupogen might avoid the fever complications I've had while stimulating the stem cells enough to hit the 500 mark.  I agree to try it, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.  So far, no fever today.

Summary:  there is a chance that that might release me from my bondage tomorrow!  If there are any complications, or we do NOT hit 500, it might take another day or two.  I'm hoping for tomorrow.  Who's with me?!

Once more into the breech, old friends!  

I'll let you know what happens.  In the meantime if you were planning to visit in the next couple of days -- Stop!  Keep your eyes glued to this blog.  If I go home, I'd be happy to see you, if you are well, sometime in the next few days or weeks.  Just text or call me to let me know you want to come over.  In the meantime, prayers for tomorrow are appreciated.  I'll accept whatever happens, but I'd love to be released from Monte Cristo if I can tomorrow.

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