Friday, February 27, 2015

Resting? What is that?

This blog is to update all of you on a couple of things.

First -- yes, I am feeling better.  I've gaining a bit of energy back and was able to go to work today for a few hours at least and pack some boxes (we are moving offices as a new Classroom Building opens).  I did not do any heavy lifting and Monday is my planned day for getting stuff over there.  I have lots of folks who said they are willing to help and will be there.  I hope we can find a dolly to move the file cabinet!

Second, I should have realized that while I haven't been on chemo now for three weeks (and that feels good let me tell you), effects of the other drugs I was on for the harvesting seem to be still clearing my system.  My hips and back were fairly sore after doing that work at school.

Third, every since I got home, I have crashed in the afternoon with a nap that I recognize now as probably necessary.  I just needed to......well, rest.

Rest is a hard concept for me.  I'm a busy person; I always have been.  I like to get thing done, to see progress, to help others.  My wonderful department chair tells me to rest, and I take her advice seriously, but what can you do while resting?  I don't want to just sit there and do nothing which is why this coming hospitalization might require some adaptation.  It is hard for me to just let my body heal and regain its strength, but my naps have shown me that sometimes I need to learn to listen more to my body.  It is a lesson, I think I will continue need constantly to apply once I am admitted.


  1. Anton, It is courageous of you to be so forthcoming about your experiences with the processes of treating your illness. I find it fascinating and interesting,,,and hopefully helpful in preparing me to be as supportive as possible in the ways you need it.
    Bona fortuna,
    Your brother, Barry

    1. Thank you, Barry. I think it helps me to write, to express myself with the highs and lows, and I hope that it gives others a glimpse into this whole process. I feel like every day I am aware of the balance we walk between life and death, and how important it is to choose life, to choose each other -- and to reach out to each other for peace. So thank you for your offerings to me -- they make my life sparkle more brightly.