Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stem Cell Collection

February 24, 2015

What's the latest?

We all have our up days and our own days.  Yesterday was a day from hell for me.  The neupogen shots I've been getting to mobilize my blood and stem cells have been doing a cumulative build of pain.  From all recommendations, I've been taking Claritin to help reduce or prevent the pain, but despite that, it got pretty intense on Sunday night to the point that I could barely sleep.  So I went into the clinic with little sleep, fasting, and with a lot of pain.  Arrrrgh.

Yesterday, they also put in a central line -- this was to facilitate the stem cell collection and will be used during the transplant time in the hospital.  Patricia and I went to visit a friend and realized that the location had bled onto my shirt, so we went back to get cleaned up and checked.  Things were fine; we got cleaned up and ready to go.  I ended the day going back to the clinic for another shot to make the stem cells more "slippery" so they could escape out of the bone marrow more easily.

Today has been better.  I slept at last four good hours last night, although it was a bit rocky after that.  I had to get up early today to be at the clinic at 7:15 for blood collection and now I'm on the machine.

I think my new central line with its 3 prongs gives me a kind of hip, modern look -- what do you think?  Or maybe like a weird kind of dreadlocks, but on my chest, not my head?  :)  

I am excited at the thought we might be done with collection today -- everyone here is wishing me luck on that -- although that is not likely.  We'll see how it goes!  

So that's the latest -- signing out from my collection bed.......

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