Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home Sweet Home

To close off the "good news" post:  I think I was told that the minimum number of stem cells they try to harvest in order to have a transplant are 10 million.  They called me late on Monday to tell me that they had collected an estimated 12.6 million of those suckers!  So I guess the pain, to quote a fictional Christopher Columbus, was traded for a worthy price.

I just got home recently after staying at my angel-Aunt's house.  She let me stay at her house for a couple of nights which is close to the hospital.  This happened to be very fortunate, because Tuesday night I woke up with a lot of blood on me -- something had happened (pulled a suture?) and the wound had bled.  We got up at 1:30 am and went back to the hospital so they could clean the dressing and check on it.  Back about 3:45 this morning and basically collapsed.  I ended up having to go back once more because there was additional bleeding under the dressing after I got up, although not very much compared with during the night.  We got things cleaned up again.

They tested the line when they were cleaning it today, and it wasn't oozing blood, so I am hoping that I am OK.  I managed to make it home and am glad to be back with my lovely wife, my dogs, and be able to go out into the neighborhood.

We are in a lull period right now -- we meet with the team again next week to be all set up and ready for the transplant which begins on March 9th.  I am praying that the transplant and follow-up go as well as the stem cell harvesting, although that means some real storms to go through.  With my wife beside me, Heavenly Father watching over me, and all of your love, we will get through this.

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